We're responsible for:

This is what the Parish Council is responsible for in Elsing:

  • Maintenance of the bus shelter in Heath Road

  • Allotments rental

  • Village Orchard maintenance 

  • Coordination of Footpath Maintenance 

  • The Dog Bins

  • The telephone boxes in Rectory Road and Mill Street and the defibrillators.

  • The Village sign and wooden seat situated beneath it.

  • Maintenance of Parish Council land (Hundred Year Wood) at the top of Heath Road and the ‘Surveyors Pit’ at the bottom of Heath Road

  • We also make comments on all planning applications, although the District Council or County Council make the decision.

Welcome to Elsing


Elsing is a small village of some 230 folk situated in mid Norfolk about 6 or so miles from Dereham. The Village, which comes under the auspices of Breckland District Council, is quite spread out and consists of the areas of Peaseland Green, Elsing, Mill Street and the quaintly named ‘Fustyweed’. 

Next Parish Council Meeting


The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 15th March 2021 at 7.00 p.m.  This will be a Virtual meeting through Zoom due to the new Lock Down period.

Village Updates

COMMUNITY CAR SCHEME - If you need to go to the local doctors, hospitals, dentists or other medical appointments and have no means of travelling there, the following information may be useful.  The Community Car Scheme is run for the benefit of the 2 villages, Elsing and Lyng, and the charge to the passenger is 20 pence per mile for a return journey.  The remainder of the cost to the driver is provided by Norfolk County Council, Breckland Council and the Parish Councils of Elsing and Lyng.  To book a Community Car please call Peter Clough on 01603 871930.

Information from Breckland Council regarding the Community Car Scheme and Covid vaccination appointments can be viewed here.

Attached here is a Tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Attached here is some information regarding reducing waste and recycling.

Updates here from the Government around the timeline to re-open, new grants, Lateral Flow Testing and the Spring Back Programme. 

Planning Application.

The Planning Application for the Three Bridges Solar Farm at the land South of Elsing Road has been submitted to Breckland Council.  Attached here is information from Breckland regarding this application.  Breckland have now approved the application.

Attached here is some information from Healthwatch Norfolk to help people coping with Cancer 

Attached here is some information regarding free support for Wellbeing from the NHS

Attached here is some information on sessions and short courses offering the chance to focus the mind and body via mindfulness and yoga etc.

Attached here is some information regarding free training for Community Volunteers.

Attached here is  some information regarding Walks around Norfolk.

Attached here is information from the NHS.

Attached here is some information from the NHS regarding vaccinations for the 4 priority groups.

Attached is a poster regarding how to contact the Police.

Attached here is a document from the Police regarding SNAP meetings.

The Police wish to inform the Public to be aware of SCAMS.  View their information here. View a document here from the Police regarding Courier Scams.


Breckland have produced some information regarding grants for businesses affected by Covid and the information can be read here.

Norfolk County Council has produced a document for Community and Volunteer support to help with self isolation and the Document can be viewed here.

Norfolk County Council has produced a newsletter relating to Covid 19 and it can be viewed here.

Breckland has produced an update on Covid 19 and it can be viewed here.

Elsing Village is fortunate enough to have a regular newsletter, which is produced by the Parish Council Chairperson.  The end of February newsletter can be viewed here.

The Police have produced a community leaflet in relation to Covid 19 and it can be viewed here.

Parish Clerk:

Griselda Hubbard

01362 693427

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